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  • Easily stop unwanted email.

    Create unlimited temporary email addresses which forward to your real mailbox.
    Over 345 emails already blocked for 21 users

    How it works

    Register on Mailmask with your real email address and setup a unique username.
    Example:If your real email address is [email protected] then you might set batman as your username.
    Now you can create "alias" addresses based on your username. All mail received will be forwarded to your real email address.
    Example:If your username is batman then you might sign up for nytimes.com using [email protected]msk.sh.
    When you wish to stop receiving email through a particular alias you can simply turn it off through the dashboard.
    Example:If you turn off [email protected]msk.sh you will no longer receive emails sent to it.
    Best thing about mailmask is how easy it is to just turn off emails I don’t want. Just one click and I’m done. Too easy

    Farez @ Markfolder


    Keep your real email address private forever.

    Stop spam with just one click.

    Know when your email address gets shared.

    Open source, can be self-hosted.

    Create aliases as you type, no software needed.

    All email types, including large attachments, etc.

    Take back control of your inbox now!

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